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My partner lost his dad back in August and not coping at all , I don’t know how to help he can’t go on anti d because he will loose is heavy goods licence that means he loose his job, I’m trying my best being there and listening but when he tells you he feels like his body his dying inside cause his feeling so down and I’ll with it and convinces his dying, need help plz

My story is a bit different I lost my wife in July but I have felt exactly as your partner feels now. I have been to dark places when ending it all seemed the only way out.
You’re doing everything right by just listening and being there for him. Keep him talking about his dad it’s good for him if he wants to cry or scream let him.
Please take care and keep doing what you’re doing

My husband will understand the position you are in, I know he’s struggling to help me through my grief since my brother died in April 2016, I used to be a strong, feisty and funny woman before my brother’s illness and we laughed all the time but I’ve changed completely, he tells me every day how much he loves me and he holds me when the tears flow, I will never be the same but he understands and keeps things together when I’m falling apart, it makes me all the more determined to get back on my feet again. The fact you have come here for advice shows your love for him and as William says just keep doing what you’re doing, he needs to grieve and get it out. I think staying off the antidepressants is a good thing, I’m just coming off them after 13 years and I feel horrible, those pills don’t help they just numb feelings and can be very difficult to get off, keep things as natural as possible. Grief is the price of love, I hope the love you have will sustain him, it’s very early days.
Thinking of you both, love Jules xx

Thank you xx

Thank you, I lost my nan 10 years ago she was like a 2nd mom to me November very hard month as the first week I have 6 death remembrances, he has also been my rock, but his dad’s death was very traumatic for the family I don’t like it sometimes as his a petrol tank driver he says that’s when he can be his self and cry even tho he does with me I hate the fact some ways when low his driving a tanker :frowning: xx

Hi there,
I lost my partner in April this year and struggle badly, but I love telling story’s about how funny and witty she was, you just need someone to listen. On that note, try to engage with story’s with your partner, especially the good times he had with his father, and try to join in the conversation. Talk talk talk is always good.
Hope this helps
Good luck

Hi. I can’t take anti d either but my gp recommended b12 and vit d supplements and i do feel a little better. All allowed hgv wise and not expensive. Go well x

Thank you got all replys, but her is a update he started opening up again, he said he feels guilty over his dad’s death, and forgetting loads things he convinced something wrong and maybe have alzimers as can’t remember anything,

I think it’s stress and the unconscious mind and conscious mind playing up

But he split with his wife some time back divorced now but they just but a house and he lost 60,000 Not her him, she was also going with every tom, dick and Harry in there family home and there marital bed, then he met his next one who was vile to his mom and dad she did get caught pregnant quite quick as on pill but was on anti bs at time got caught, so no going back

His got an appointment for ear, nose and throats hopefully they can sort him with his hearing loss as that’s getting him down too

So sorry for long msg xx

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