Feel very lost.

Yesterday I met up with my sister for the first time since my mums funeral. (February 5th). I thought it went well. Lots of cuddles and talking about my dad and about me. Made plans to see her again soon. And that was that. I actually felt happy and excited. Which was a good feeling as I haven’t felt this way since January. But. She stopped talking to me. Every message I’ve left she’s ignored. Is it something I’ve done or said? Does she just doesn’t want to see me because of my dad’s stupid actions towards me? I feel very emotional and lost. I just want my sister. But that now seems impossible.

i’m so sorry to hear that. It seems to you that your hopes and a little peace has been dashed by your sister’s behaviour.
This is so difficult because we can’t get into the mind of another. It may be that the emotions aroused in your sister on meeting you were too much, perhaps even so overwhelming that she can’t bring herself to repeat them.
It’s best not to judge at this moment until you know why it’s happened. I doubt very much that you have done anything to cause the problem.
You feel rejected, and rejection is a powerful and upsetting emotion. The ‘whys’ will keep coming up.
‘Emotional and lost’. Of course you are, who wouldn’t be? I can only suggest give it time. She may settle down and respond. In the meantime try not to add more grief to the pain you already have. I’m sorry if I have not been much help, but family relationships can be difficult. Take care and try and be kind to yourself.

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Thank you so much. Your words and helped.

Wow, that seems like a lot to deal with…is there any reason ur sister has given u for hiding away? It may be that she doesnt want to deal with the fact that someone has passed,

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My dad assaulted me at my mums wake. I can’t help but think this might have anything to do with it.