Feeling a bit lost/sad😥

I posted a few days ago about my dad.
Didnt think i woukd feel like this
I barerly knew him.
But its only when i finally got to fly over to his home with my brother it hits you becomes real. Dont really want talk about it.
Was devasted seen his house how bad he was living in the end. Think spent almist everyday clear out his house really hurts.
Dont want close his house
Hardest thing ever to hand back keys to housing.
Couldnt do it​:broken_heart::sob:
Just wanted to stay there not come home
Ive never felt like this.
But im carer to son daughter
They both say no they dont want to go live there or in the country over there?
Im going back over end next wk. Check attic found a lot of things sentomental photographs etc i treasure them.
Dreading hand back keys
Just want to stay its hisa house
Fel angry 1 min crying the next
Cinstantky feel tearful now.
Ive started going fof counselling cruise.

It’s very difficult. I am glad you’ll be having counselling with Cruse, that will hopefully help a bit, it is quite normal for some people not to want to talk much about things and go into details, hopefully with the counsellor you will be able to talk a bit more about your feelings and eventually feel better, hope your day gets a bit better today.

Thankyou Abdullah
Ive kept my dads car
Thats something
Couldnt bear idea losing that too.
Brother wanted sell dads car. I couldnt bear selling it.
It was his car
Didnt want stranger get his car.
Quite stressful but finally managed ger my dads car shipped over to my home.
Dreading closing down hand back house keys just want to stay in his house not come back home

That’s really good that you managed to keep his car, well done.

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I had to
Everyone kept say sell the car
But when i came of the plane went to see my dads house and car thought no i will fight to keep the car.
This morning got mot service worrued garage woukd rip me off check certificate said it done almost 16.000 miles Dad wasnt well in end new car barerly done 600miles.
I was raging :japanese_ogre: enough get me startrd
Husband didnt want go speak to yhem i did.
They laughed said am i saying they cant do there job and calling them a Lier.
I said Yes.
He called his boss or whoever he said sorry your got mixed up confused
Told them no my dad didnt even do 1.000 miles
Donr like ti be msde stupid
He said he come out check which he did and quickly realised he was WRONG

Said sorry had ask his boss to change my mileage on certificate

Sorry to hear that they tried to scam you, but again, well done, for not letting them get away with it. You should be proud of what you have achieved today.