Feeling absolutely rock bottom

I lost my Mum 19th February this year. She lived 6 houses away from me and we saw each other everyday. It was a complete shock when she passed away and I really don’t know how to carry on. I have 4 daughter aged between 11 and 19 and I’m trying to put a brace face on things. They know there is nothing wrong with showing emotions and it’s better to share those feelings. My mum was the ‘head’ of the family, even though she still had older sisters and it is expected that I take over from her. I have spoken to a doctor and am now on antidepressants as I truly feel like I’m absolutely rock bottom. I’ve lost my mum……… my world and I’m struggling. Sorry I know this probably doesn’t make much sense


Really very sorry to read your words about your dear mother who passed away recently - it’s terribly hard to lose one’s mother and I can so relate as I lost mine last year and I have had a difficult time adjusting to her not being here anymore.

Time is a healer but you have to be very patient and I am still feeling sore even though it’s almost 15 months on.

Feel it all and you must do this. The rawness will lessen but the void will remain and it’s just coming to terms with this that takes time.

I really wish you well x


So sorry to hear about losing your mum. I lost my mum middle of May this year aged 90. She had been poorly with a few conditions for a long time, but I saw her in the care home every day since she had been there 14 months. We had been together 50 years. Life is really hard, because I live in the same house my parents lived in and there is no mum here. It is so quiet. I don’t like being on my own. But I have to put a brave face on every day. We know deep in our hearts that they are looking out for us and we have to just step forward steadily and do our best. I cry regularly. It is so difficult. Hugs. xx