Feeling alone and rejected

Hi everyone!
My husband James sadly passed away last October 2018.
I miss him dearly. I have a Son who is in the forces but we only see each other about once every 2 months!!
I meet a man at work who I like and would have liked to have a Coffee with him but rumours got round the work place he didn’t want to go out with me because he prefers some one younger!!!
I am 58 he is 50.
I asked him outright about it but he said he didn’t say it! But for the last 2 months he has been seeing my supposedly best friend at work in front of me and they were together all night at our works Christmas Meal.
I am really hurt and deeply upset I just can’t believe they are both being so horrible knowing what I’m already going through.
I feel like packing my job in because I dread what I am going to walk into at work.
I just feel like I can’t trust no one! And feel like shutting myself away.
I cried nearly all day yesterday and ended up going to bed early and I slept 11 hours with out waking up as the grief takes over and wears me out.
Sorry I am on such a downer 2 days before Christmas!
But like you all I am really anxious what the future holds for me.
I am waiting for that some one really special to come along who will love me for who I am xx

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Sorry to hear about the death of your husband. Mine was also a shock as I have for last after diagnosis been fighting Prostate Cancer. Then out the blue told in October that my beautiful wife Penny :heart: has METS BREAST CANCER that Penny :heart: didn’t know she had and passed away 21 days after diagnosis on the 06 November 2019. Aged 67. Trying to get counciling of Cruse but you have wait you can talk by Phone. People say call Sermaritians I have tried they have now blocked me for 28 days thought they are supposed to be there People who are after Support for Breverment . Had a call back from Cruse explain to them what had happened they said they would never that block a person who requires Support after Breverment. Trouble is Cruse Bereavement are not 24/7 . Why do Sermaritians do that support to be there for people I know it run by volunteers but why when you ring you are told you are blocked. Can’t understand it.

I have just come across your post hope you’re feeling better with life now it can be difficult noing what go’s on in other people’s heads. I found out you don’t really no how to cope with this sort of thing when you have been with the same person for a long time. Things in the world of dating seme to have changed some what it’s been 8 month for me and Iam not ready for that yet not shore l will be agen but I do miss that companionship. It’s a strange feeling to like some one else it’s hard loneliness especially at ower age where everyone els semes to be with someone but I just hope it you are ready then there is some out there for you x


It is a fact Cj13 we are not told anything about grief, I know that everybody is different up to a point. You have hit the nail on the head when you say, our being with the same person for a long time. It was 63 years ago on the 7th of this month since Stan and I started going out together, I was 17 years old and he was 22. Sadly it is more than a lifetime for some people, we were lucky that we had so many years together. yet I can never really remember being without him. Life is strange,