Feeling alone

My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly in June, it was the last day of school and my eldest son found his body face down in a river. We had been separated for 6 years but remained married. He was still one of my best friends, I’ve been in a relationship with someone else who didn’t really like the relationship I had with my husband so I haven’t really been able to grieve properly along with waiting for an inquest which took place in December. The outcome of that was accidental death as we assumed it would be. On top of dealing with this I’ve now broken up with my partner of 12 months. I feel completely alone and overwhelmed with being the only person responsible for my beautiful children. I’m just so sad

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Hi sorry for your loss, i just wanted to reach out and say your not alone. i feel like im alone too. im new to this and have found it very helpful so far.

Take care always here to chat

Chelle xx


Thank you for your message, really finding it hard at the moment