Feeling alone

Im feeling so alone how is it possible to feel so alone woth your family around you.
I lost my mum 9 months ago and my dad 6 years ago.
But i dont know how to grief for my mum she was the world and now my world has gone.
I feel so angry hurt and i feel like i have nothing left. My husband does not understand he still has both his parents and he doesnt know how to talk to me about it so he just doesnt try which really hurts me.
I feel like im losing my mind

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Hi @Wolsey101
Welcome to this forum, I know the feeling well. I feel very alone with how I feel about my mom’s death, I have a sister, who has her own family, lives about 15 minutes drive away from me, but her “grief experience” is very different to mine. I know we both miss our mom, & feel the loss, but I lived with mom, I helped look after her at home, so saw how her condition deteriorated every day, my sister visited with my nephews, but that was only ever for an hour or 2 on random days, but I was there 24/7, dealing with looking after mom, while also having to tiptoe round my dad’s alcoholism. Mom was my safety net, I am special needs, & she used to look after me, so in that way my relationship to my mom was different to hers. I’m not saying either of our grief is more valid than the other, just that, even relatives of the same family have their own thoughts & feelings that I guess stem from the relationship they had with the person that passed, memories they had with them & stuff. In this way everyone’s grief journey is unique to them. Despite this, you are not alone, we’re all here because we’ve lost a loved one. Loosing a parent is hard to take in, our parents are there for so much of our lives, & though we know realistically that no-one lives forever, we can’t imagine life without them.

I have a boyfriend, he doesn’t understand either, he still has both his parents, both his parents are in their late 70s, but 3 years ago, my mom passed aged 64. :pleading_face::pensive: Fate can be so cruel sometimes. The really sad point is, though I know he doesn’t understand my grief for my mom now, I am very aware of his parents, how old they are, & that I’ll be surprised if they don’t pass within the next 5-10 years, & knowing that when they do, I will understand & be able to comfort him, even though he is unable to comfort & support me now. I know it feels harsh, but it’s not their fault they lack the experience to understand, but your focus needs to be you, look after yourself, what do you need? You can talk on this forum as much or as little as is comfortable, no-one will judge, & there are always people here to listen. Do what works for you, some people keep a grief diary, some people make a memory box or scrapbook of their loved one, some people say going for walks helps, or writing a letter to the person who’s passed. Sending hugs of support.