Feeling anxious when I wake up

I am suffering anxiety when I wake up. My lovely Tim Died on 1st January. Anxiety started three weeks ago. Perhaps the reality of living alone has hit. Does anyone have any thoughts on this

Hi im so sorry for your loss it’s utterly devastating I lost my soulmate of seventeen years fell asleep in my arms six months and three weeks ago tomorrow afternoon im utterly truamatised witnesing it all happen in front of my eyes all my dreams of growing old together everything we built together hopes and dreams have been stolen from me so cruelly and tragically your not wrong in how you feel my anxiety is overwhelming where I don’t want to leave the house there are alot of amazing people on here who have stopped me from joining my soulmate please contact the Samaritans day or night or speak to someone else it won’t change that our lives have been stolen but help the day be kinder to you I’m sure people on here will message you with further advice im sorry im really struggling to every second is unbearable in my thoughts take care as much as possible Adele x

At first I was OK when I woke up. I had a lot to sort out and just focused on getting it all done. However recently I must admit to feeling anxious when I wake and if it wasn’t for my dogs that are curled up with me and then awaiting their walk I wonder if I might be tempted to just stay in bed. I have always been up at the crack of dawn so never been one for staying in bed. After a long early morning walk I can usually get my head around the rest of the day although I do have bad days still. So not much help I’m afraid except my advice would be to get a dog and go for an early walk, can recommend it to help clear the head and of course the company of a dog is a great help. Pat xxxx

Couldn’t agree more pat, if it wasn’t for my dog there is many a day I would have just pulled the quilt over my head,the crazy thing is I never wanted a dog, my husband always wanted one but as we both worked full time it never happened, when he retired though he wore me down lol and he had his cocker spaniel, she was very much his dog and followed him everywhere, but now I call her my little stalker, I am so grateful for her, the early morning walks clear my head and I can cry to her, whinge at her, tell her all those feelings we can’t discuss with others and I get a lick at the end of it all, the therapeutic effect of dogs is well known. I can’t imagine how I would have coped without her, I would probably still be in bed with the duvet over my head x

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I also feel very anxious on waking, it’s difficult to feel motivated to do very much. I have an elderly cat who needs feeding so I have to get up. Stroking and petting him does make me feel a little better.
Take care of yourself
L x
easy to just stay in bed.

Yes it’s a well known fact that dogs are capable of helping people with all kinds of problems. Grief being one of them. They do more for mankind than any other animal. Without mine I don’t know what would have become of me. They keep me sane and I hope sensible as I have to consider their welfare before my own.