Feeling bit overwellmed/lost

Do you ever feel overwellmed/ bit lost sometimes?
Family friends dont ask how you are?
How your coping?

Hi, yes I get this feeling alot! I don’t junk I’ve been asked once how I’m coping by anyone yet and I lost my mum in January.

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Sorry to hear that
How are you coping?

Thank you for asking, I have my ok days and days where I just feel so alone and empty. My mums on my mind constantly some days. I have three young children so I have to keep busy through the day but it’s when they go to bed my mind starts racing. How are you coping?

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Thats good ur keeping busy during the day you will be kept busy kids been off scho
And it will take your mind of your mum.
Yes nighttime is bad
I dont know if you get much sleep i dont
Thats when everything starts racing in your mind. Either feel angry alone stressed upset
I lost my mother in law she died cancer just in feb few days before my daughters 22nd
Then few weeks later covid19 came changed my life my dad died which i barerly knew
Desperately wanted go to his funeral but goverment and lockdown i couldnt i was hearbroken
Used to work a lot do agency now had no work past month yet another change
Hope yoyr ok
Out enjoy the sunshine😉

Yeah all’s girls aswel so the definitely keep me on my toes! It does take my mind off things, until they go to bed and I’m constantly running things through my mind over and over, I feel so guilty sometimes too. I’m totally with you on those feelings of anger and stressed sometimes my temper can go from 0 to 60! I’m so sorry to hear you lost both people so close it must be really mentally challenging to not be able to attend the funeral too, I was lucky in that respect as my mums was over in early feb and I now have her ashes with me at home, it’s a comfort for me knowing she’s here watching over the kids. I really hope your ok too or as well as you can be at this difficult time, I’m always here if you want to chat! I am enjoying the weather it’s lovely out, I hope you are too!

I’ve only got my brother left now. I lost my dad in 2006, and my mum in 2016. My husband died on 24th May and was cremated on 4th June, but I’ve only seen my brother once since the funeral, and he was only here for an hour. He only phones if he has a specific reason for calling. The old saying is true - grief far out lasts sympathy, sadly :cry:

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