Feeling completely lost without my mum

My mum passed away a few weeks back. She was 71 and I’m 38 I am the youngest in the family. My mum.and I had an unbreakable bond I love and miss her so much life just seems pointless now whenever I’d go on holiday no matter where it was or the time zone I’d always ring her to tell her I got there ok. She always wanted to go to New York but her health prevented it I’ve been there twice each time visiting st Patrick’s cathedral for her. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated as I’m just lost right now apologies if I’ve not written enough detail please feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks in advance for any advice given

Hello to you both, yes when your mum goes a big part of you goes because they have always been there. When my mum went life seemed to be a darker place for sometime and I had lived away from home for many years. When I went to visitor her I had always to phone her to say I was home safe and it’s that type of thing I missed. Cherish those special memories, they will never leave you. She will always be part of you.
S xx

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