Feeling conflicted

Recently joined a group on Facebook. Started talking to a man about music. It hasn’t progressed beyond having a laugh. He knows my situation. I will ask about his tomorrow. I know he has kids and a dog. He hasn’t mentioned a partner. I am being careful. He seems nice but feel conflicted. I just want friendship but look forward to his messages

Not sure where you are in the journey Blue but follow your gut instinct- keep all data in yourself private, remember we are vulnerable. I have never felt this vulnerable,and there are people who prey upon the recently bereaved x be careful x


I will thanks. My Facebook is set to private and I haven’t given any details out

That’s good x just remember every little detail that is about your identity is dangerous - people who do prey, literally sit with pen and paper, mind mapping to gain a profile. Of course, he could be the loveliest person in the world but you don’t need a stalker right now lol x hope you find yourself a really good mate but focus on your safety x

I will thank you x

@Blue1 you’re still young ar 53 and you’re entitled to want social company. You may live for another 25+ years and that’s a long time on your own. However, Cinders21 has given you very good advice, please follow it. Remember that people who are up to no good can be very very clever. I hope this is not the case with your friend and that it all works out for the best. If it doesn’t work out do not despair because there will be many more opportunities if you want them. Take care, literally!

@Cinders21 I am so very sorry for the loss of your lovely husband so tragically and so soon after you were married. Like all the tragedies on this site, words are inadequate. My thoughts are with you all.

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Thanks. I am being careful. I find it hard to trust people at the best of times. I can easily block this person if I feel uneasy. Yes I am still young but can’t see myself falling in love again. A companion maybe in the future who I can go to dinner with… Thanks for responding.

Bit of an update. I think he’s lost interest. Told him I have a lot on which I do and nothing from him since. Probably for the best💙

As long as youre ok x x x

And as long as you’re okay too! This is not easy for any of us. Take care of yourself. x

Honestly I’m okay. Thanks for asking. I have work and my drums keeping me busy​:drum::blue_heart: