Feeling depressed

Feeling so depressed tonight, miss my mum so much. GP has prescribed sleeping pills as I’ve had insomnia since mum died 4 weeks ago. The coroner has requested an inquest as they weren’t happy with the hospital. My brother just phoned and all he seemed interested in was how much money he was going to inherit from mum’s will. One of my cats isn’t well and has to have teeth out on Monday, so worried about her. I sometimes wonder what is the point in it all.

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So sorry for your loss my dad died last october an im still getting my head around it i still cant quite believe it its hard but we have to carry on for them they wouldnt want us to give up i often find talking about him helps as it feels more like hes still with me or listening to his favourite singers. I hope ya cat is ok pets really help at times like this.


You’re not alone I feel the same. On the subject of sleep, have you tried meditation, I’ve used this to get to sleep, I really don’t think I could sleep without it, there’s loads of stuff on YouTube about meditation, but after trying different ways I found "The Mindful Movement " with Sarah Raymond. She has such a soothing voice and with just a little practice you can actually relax enough to go to sleep. This is just one thing I use for s
grief im still in the thick of it but I’m grateful for not brilliant sleep but better than none. I hope this helps or maybe come back to it at a later date when you’re ready, something to think about, take care :brown_heart:

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Thanks, I tried meditation, I have the Headspace app free from work but it didn’t help my sleep, also taken up exercise, so the sleeping pills were the last resort. They didn’t work last night as I’m now worrying about my cat. Thanks for your advice, it is most appreciated xx

No worries at all everyone is different, I hope everything goes smoothly with your cat, I’ve got a kitten and an older cat and a dog and I wonder how I would be coping if I didn’t have them. I keep saying what’s the point, and I think finding this site is partly the answer, please let me know how your cat gets on at the vet’s, it’ll be some good news :heart:

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