Feeling Down

I lost my husband 8 years ago from MND. Lost my Mum in March, she had dementia and was in a care home and caught COVID which took her. Didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

I have had Post COVID Syndrome for 19 months and it has been a real struggle and losing my mum caused a 2nd LC crash that i had 5 months off work. I used to work 30 hours a week now can barely managed 16 hours.

I seem to have hit rock bottom and feel like i just want to cry!!


Hi @Chessie,

A sad welcome to this forum.

It is nearly two years since my gorgeous wife Christine died. As the time has passed I miss her more and more.

I am not surprised that you are feeling very low and just want to cry with the additional tragic loss of your mother. I am very sorry. Ghastly. For me, this time of year, with the frenzy of consumerism, contrived happiness and family bonding etc etc makes it even harder.

If I feel like crying I do so. Why not? I often do.

I would encourage you to talk on this forum. The folk here understand what you are experiencing and while there are no answers, there is plenty of support and encouragement. I have found it very helpful. Maybe you will too.

Best wishes to you.


I hope so. Don’t think I’ve felt so low in a long time. Anxiety and depression from Long COVID etc
seems to have completely turned me inside down to the point I can’t see beyond it all. Everything is such an effort. I’m stuck in limbo at moment. Hopefully after Xmas i might feel a bit better and make some decisions about my life.

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Yes limbo. I avoided covid by shielding until could stabd it no longer so now got covid and wonder was it worth it?
Last year after my husband died at least by shieldding gjt garden done and webt on sone nice trips outside and holiday. But pressure was enormous people trying to force me to go places which to be honest didn’t want to go to anyway.
I had got used to no infections used to say not worth it.
Now no energy but onky had civid positive dince Tuesday as Monday tested negative but knew at weekend had no energy.
Now cant taste.
Still hardly any energy.


I lost my lovely partner two years ago too.I feel like crying often and do. I’m crying now. Im so sorry for your loss.


Thank you @peterj.

It is just ghastly.

I hope you find some comfort and calm. I think we could both do with it.


Aww, this is why I have found it helpful, I used to read a lot but just can’t concentrate atm. Listening to a book means I don’t have to put the light on and focus, it’s distracting and means I can drift off again sometimes. I set the timer for half an hour each time and loose my place regularly but has helped with the nights being a solid nightmare of loss, overthinking, panic and worry. It’s still all those things but distraction without the effort of reading words has helped me get through these horrendous nights. Thinking of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: