Feeling Drained ??

There could be a myriad of other reasons I am feeling this way, including the possibility of astrological transits but has anyone had a feeling emerging after a loss of feeling drained ??

I have mostly felt numb since my mothers passing early December time: not even 5 days later, my dad was admitted with a bowel obstruction which initially felt was routine as it has happened 8 times previously almost annually and resolved

This time however, I was told later that day, if they didn’t operate, he would die but also at 82, he may die in surgery

He has survived thankfully but is variable in his presentation so who knows what the future will bring; since November 23rd been visiting hospital daily pretty much minus a few days break in between and find myself feeling quite drained suddenly

Anyone relate ???

Dear @Mainlynumb

I apologise that you have not had a response to your post and I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mother.

It is very common to feel tired, or exhausted, when you are grieving especially if you were caring for the person who has died. Strong emotions along with all the practical things you may have to do after your loved one has died, can also leave you feeling drained and exhausted.

Visiting your father daily in hospital can take it out of you also. This can be very draining with you are going to visit him everyday. Everything you are experiencing, feeling, going through is normal and part of the grieving process.

I am pleased to hear your dad has come through his surgery and I do hope that he will get stronger with each day.

You need to look after yourself too. That is important for your mental and physical wellbeing. Please continue to reach out and take care.


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