Feeling empty

My husband dyed suddenly at work yesterday and I can’t see a way out I already suffer with depression and anxiety and this is going to finish me off I don’t want to be here anymore, I hsve two children and I don’t know how I’m going to be there for them when I’m so lost without him

Hi Lyndsey, awful news and please accept my condolences.

I feel many of my replies are similar, my situation is I lost my partner aged 33 nearly four weeks ago (four weeks tomorrow actually).

I’ve no idea how I’m still here and existing, but a lot is owed to the amazing help and support of family, friends and the advice on here.

I’d be lying if I said it gets easier and that’ll be daunting for you, but please if you need to use this community or reach out to any member that you feel could help you - do so.

You’ll probably have been told numerous times already to take ‘baby steps’, but really it’s all you can do - cry when you feel like crying, if you can get out for fresh air try do so and most importantly don’t beat yourself up - you’ll have your husband with you for guidance, i fully believe that’s the case.

I’m so sorry for your loss I totally get how you feel I don’t know how I’m gonna live without I can even care for my children I’m broken I just want someone to give me a hug and tell me it’s all ok and it will get better but it won’t X

If they told you that you’d fully be aware that’s
not the case, have you got family or friends around you?

Got family but I just want my husband


I know pal, and it’s horrible - you can be in a room full of people yet still feels so lost and lonely.

You’ll need their support over the coming days and weeks 1 I don’t want to speak beyond that because I’ve not got there yet. But I certainly know there’s even been times where a simple task has been well beyond me and I’ve had to use their support and to help me up from points where I could not go on.

How long ago did you lose your partner I’m still only into my second day and it already feels like a life time ago

It’ll be four weeks tomorrow. She was just 33, healthy and happy - life is bloody cruel.

I don’t really know how long it feels now to be honest, the days are very long, though in the build up to funeral which was last Wednesday there was so much to do. I think the aftermath brought more reality - which is horrific.

So sorry she was so young I feel your pain life is so cruel people do rally round up to the funeral then they back on with there own life’s

Going through the same thing. My partner passed away (only 24 years old) the start of the month and I feel completely lost, people keep telling I am being strong and all I want to do is scream what other choice do I have.

We still don’t have answers to how he died and it just feels as though I am in limbo as there is no closure.

I hope now that some time has passed it is getting slightly easier for you but I know in my case it still feels a fresh as the day I found him dead. The times that I do find myself feeling okay, I become ridden with guilt.

Hi lovely so sorry for your loss of you wanna message me we could talk on that X

Hi @Lyndsey82 and @Ellxox
Welcome to the community all of us wish we hadn’t had the need to join.

You are in such early days yet so the shock is very real and debilitating. That may seem to go on for so long and just as you say, days can feel eternal and yet fly past.
I can’t believe it is 8 months since I lost my darling husband. In many way it seems so much less than that and yet it feels like an eternity since he held me.
I don’t think the loss is something I expect to ‘get over,’ but I am learning to live with it some days. I keep myself busy and use the love from and for my husband to inspire me to do all things I know would have made him proud. He is my inspiration to keep going.

I hope you will begin to find some peace over the coming months. You will find support on here I am sure. xxx