Feeling horrendous

My husband died16 months ago, my birthday is tomorrow, and I feel horrendous, I wasnt like this last year…why do I feel so awful I cant stop crying, ive spoken to 2 friends today but every little setback sends me off. Im annoyed at the dog because its raining and I have to take her out. I just want to fade away. Im sick of TV

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I understand how you feel. It was my birthday yesterday. The first without my husband. I felt dreadfully sad. Everything feels so wrong. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow x

Thankyou so much. I was fine last year, busy, I know its because he was always here, but Its overwhelming this time.

How old were you yesterday Nel, I will be 69 tomorrow. My husband was 80 when he died.

I was 59 and my husband was 73 when he died. I still think how could he have gone. Life is so lonely. Ever day I wake feeling anxious and wonder when it will all stop. X