Feeling ill

Tonight, I have come down with a bad cold ( not covid tested in case) normally Rob would cover me up on the settee and make me a warm drink. Instead, I had to do my own. Whilst lying down, I got the feeling he was with me as the smell of his deodorant suddenly became strong. This is the 1st time in 12 weeks I’ve smelt him it felt so nice and comforting. Has anyone else had a similar experience.


I hope you soon feel better and sleep well, I can completely understand how you feel with no dear husband to look after you. I absolutely dread it myself. It’s bad enough without them when feeling well but very much worse when feeling poorly. So lovely for you to smell his deodorant, I haven’t had that experience.
Look after yourself. Sending hugs.


Sort to hear you’re poorly. My mum has a really strong smell of TCP when my dad died. He used to use it alot. No other explanation other than he was there. X

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i have a couple of times since hubby died of smells. but there are a lot of colds about about this time of yr, dont know why people are still worried about covid after 4 yrs.
sadly any illness we have to deal with alone now and sometimes being alone can make them feel worse. hope youfeel better soon x


No I haven’t had that experience but I am glad you have . I think he is with me especially when I am in the garden . He spent a lot of time outside

Hi @Punto, I am a great believer in the afterlife and yes I have had signs since Lee has passed. Felt like he was brushing my face as I drifted to sleep last night like he always did, I’ve not smelt him yet but over the years I have with other family members and it’s a way I know who is with me. I know many don’t believe but it’s this belief that he walks besides me that is keeping me going. I hear him in my mind telling me what to do or not to be so sad. Maybe I’m a little crazy but it certainly brings me comfort and a sense of peace x