Feeling iv lost myself

I lost my dad to dementia in september , i seem to have gone down hill and im currently not at work due to this my world seems to be broken


Yes losing your father does hurt a lot. I was surprised how it did affect me too although it was many years ago.
I remember walking a lot at the time and other people not realising how I felt.

When I lost my mum to cancer it completely pulled the rug out from under me. It was like losing a limb or a vital organ and nothing has worked properly since. It’s perfectly natural to feel that way. I went back to work fairly quickly thinking it would help to be busy but in the end it catches up with you and in hindsight I wish I had taken more time off. Grief is powerful and draining and it needs to be recognised and given time to breathe. Take that time and give yourself some compassion :mending_heart:

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Thank you iv just found that out , just gone on the sick as even my boss said she felt i had deteriorated the past few weeks

Hi Lushboo,
Take as much time off work that you are entitled to and what ever you can afford to do so then go back on phased return. You need to look after yourself and heal.
Don’t rush back until you are ready.
Now is the time for you
Love Deborah x

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