Feeling lost

Feeling lost at the moment miss the phone calls

Sending you lots of strength @Jane456. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling lost and missing the phone calls. I’ve had a look at your profile, am I right in thinking you’re missing the phone calls from your mother in law? Can you tell me more about the phone calls you used to have together?

It’s really hard coping with the loss of someone so close, keep posting here whenever you need to, we’re here for you :yellow_heart:

I suffer from depression as well and we used to talk about my children who I have lost touch with but we also talked about life in general and because of the pandenmic it was a lifeline for both of us, she advised me like a mother on a most important life move which I found in valuable. Then she goes and dies of it. It was a shock and I think I still am in shock the move has been successfull and I want to remember the good times

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