Feeling lost

I lost my husband just over 2 weeks ago, he was very ill, but it’s still a shock.

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My heart and understanding goes out to you, @Maz250 .
It is an unreal time and feeling - my husband died 4 weeks ago after being taken ill so suddenly and dying 12 hours after being admitted to hospital.
Taking each day a step at a time is all that we should expect of ourselves and being kind to ourselves.
Take care my dear and allow the reality to slowly sink in. We are here to support one another so please reach out. X

It will be 7 weeks on Monday that I lost my husband although he was only 41 we had been together 22 years.

He had also been ill we were told he only had days to live while having treatment in London. We brought him home, well to our local hospice and my young children and I had 2 weeks with him.

People say to me you knew it was going to happen so must make it easier, but it doesn’t not at all the morning he died we were chatting I never thought it would be the day I was going to lose him.

I think it’s completely normal to be in shock, you’ve lost your soulmate.
I don’t know how I’m getting through each day at the moment, so take your time, talk to people, tell them how you are feeling. You need to look after yourself.

I find a bit of comfort coming on here and also on Macmillan to talk to people going through the same as me.

Thinking of you x

People say to me you knew it was going to happen so must make it easier

How can people even think that statement let alone voice it - nothing can prepare us for loosing someone we love and care for so much. My 1st husband died 6 months after his terminal diagnosis - I was never going to be ready for him to leave us and our young son - I just had to carry on as best as I could for our child and he became my focus and purpose. Now having lost Mark so suddenly I feel as if I have very little purpose and I have to build a new life for myself - which is so unfair as we were happy and content with our lot; but I will do it out of repect and love for him xxxx

Hi i am new to this site. I lost my beloved husband in may 2021 and all i get off people is telling me that I need to move on. How can someone move on from the loss of the one person that u really loved


People really don’t think before they speak!

I feel like people want me to tell them ok but I’m not! So I’m honest and tell them how I’m feeling as that’s what support workers and the GP told me to do.
But it makes people feel uncomfortable, people kept telling me to go to the GP I kept telling them I’m just heartbroken I don’t need to see the GP but I did and he said exactly what I said you are sad no tablet will take it away.

I’m sorry for your losses xx


So sorry for ur loss also. It just makes me made when people say these things. The should not even say anything if they are going to be like this.

Thank you Markswife, i am so sorry for your loss it must have been such a shock, I’m sure this group will be a great source of comfort for us both, talking and listening to others who are suffering just like us.
My husband was ill but i never expected that i would lose him so soon. You can never be prepared for it.
You look after yourself lovey. X

Thank you Gem2, I am so sorry for your loss my heart feels for you.
I was chatting to my husband too, never knowing that he would be gone in hours.
We have to take each day as it comes and take solace from each other as we know the pain are all suffering. Take care x

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