Feeling lost

On the 11th of Jan, i was woken up abruptly to the news that my Nan had passed away early that morning.
She was already in hospital but was due to be discharged on the friday, her passing was unrealted to her reason for being there in the first place.
The news came as a huge shock if im honest and being that i was very close to my Grandparents, im feeling very lost on how to cope.
I know many of you may think im overreacting to the news, but i dont really know how im supposed to react or how i can help the rest of my family.

Hi Sammie im very sorry for your loss .I can honestly say nobody feels you are over reacting .There is no set plan to greiving .My advice is first look after yourself .I dont know your family but i do know in these times different members can feel an act different to you .Some may get angry and cry and shout some may just stay quiet and carry on as normal then 1 they start to lash out emotionally .Grieving for yourself will be very difficult so helping the rest of your family you might find too much .Id contact firstly your GP ? ask about Cruse bereavement also theres the Samaritians (i dfo all 3 ) (im 57 my wife was 41 when she passed .Stay in touch on here we try to help Big hug Colin

Hi Sammie,
How are u feeling today?
I lost my Grandma 5 days ago and although I cannot tell you how to cope or deal with this, I can listen to you if you’d like to talk some more. I was especially close to my grandma for my whole 33yrs but especially close for the last month of her life. I cared for her along with my brother up until a bed became available at Sue Ryder, she was there for less than 48hrs and after spending the whole day with the entire family, the following morning she passed. I am truly heartbroken and will understand and empathise with everything your feeling I’m sure. Big hugs. Emily xx