Feeling lost

Hi all,
First time posting. I joined on here when I lost my mother in 2021. I read a few articles but didn’t feel need to post. I had my father to talk to. Well just before Christmas we had some bad news after my father’s decline in health. After a very rapid decline after I lost him a month ago. I feel so alone, everyday there is so much to do and I don’t have anyone to really help me. I don’t have siblings, I miss them both so much. Around the time of loosing my mother I lost both my in-laws too so it’s been alot to deal with and I don’t think I have grieved properly for anyone as it was all so quick.


Hi @VikingVix sorry to hear about your loses i know how hard it must be and i just wanted to let you know im here if you want to talk. Stay strong

So sorry for the recent loss of your dad @VikingVix, so soon after losing your mum and in-laws. It does sound so much to deal with, and it must be hard when trying to manage this all on your own. Is there a good friend you can talk to or help you, sometimes the most unexpected people come up trumps. Please do use this community to keep talking and sharing how you are feeling, we are here to listen and support, whilst sharing your feelings of grief. Sending you hugs xx

Thank you @sandi and @Stargirl93 for replying. I do have friends who have lost one parent and are supportive. I guess they just don’t know how difficult it is when both have gone so apart from checking in with me they can’t do much else. (Which I get and don’t mind) we are all younger, I just turned 40 and we all have kids. I guess grief is a path we walk alone but it’s just all a huge impact on even the day to day. My son’s school has closed due to weather so I’ve had to phone in work to say I’ve got no one to have my son. While I tried not to depend on my parents, he’s excited and we would be phoning them. It just fills me with sadness. I’m down for grief counseling with the hospice that cared for dad but it won’t be until next month all being well.

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Trying to juggle childcare whilst grieving must be so difficult, and just reminds you that the support you had from your parents in the past is no longer there. Would some of your friends be willing to look after your son in emergencies, sometimes friends don’t know what to do to help but if you give them something practical they often are pleased to be asked. I do hope the counselling helps you on your journey, listening is so important and i know this community is more than willing to do that. xxx


I think they would if I asked to. Especially my one friend but quite often she works weekends. My cousin has helped me out while I was backwards and forwards to hospital and the kids get on well which is brill. I get torn between feeling like I need to cope on my own or being a burden. My son is young and with loosing all of his grandparents is fretful about loosing my hubby and I. Nothing at the moment can change that in his mind, it’s been like it since my mom passed. Time will be a healer for him also I believe that.