feeling lost

feeling very lost today. nearly 6 months, blood pressure up, blood sugar up and I haven’t spoken face to face to a human for days and 2 days since my last phone call. I’m frightened. and thats a very very new feeling for me. I’m 63 and feeling very isolated and dreading both short and long term future. Just wanted to vent.


Chat on here, its better than no chat at all and we are all in the same situation.
Dont be frightened.
I, like all others on here have very mixed swings of emotion, eat almost mothing and feel very sad at this situation.
Id give everything to have my beautiful wife back and every day just doesnt get better.
I focus on making my wife proud of me and all the family.
I wish she was here but i have to settle with a New World where i am physical and my beautiful wife is spiritual. Its all very, very painful but there’s no alternative, no solution, no going back and its so hard to face.
Chat away


Yep short term future I’m doing day to day or sometimes hour by hour. Long term is frightening me too and snap I’m 63 too! I can’t even think of next month or next weekend. Lots of friends have drifted away on txt messages and visits. Which I was ok with because I needed time on my own to think stuff through. So what do we do now? I feel like I’m loosing me

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you’re doing it right, if there even is a right. one day, hour or even minute at a time. I’m currently trying hard to be kind to myself if I enjoy something to not feel guilty. still a work in progress and still crying multiple times a day for stuff I don’t even know has been a trigger. I was with her for 45 years. I’m having to learn how to do stuff alone. hang in there. we’re all here supporting each other.

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