feeling low in dark hole

hello my name is lizzie., i woke up and feel so low that i jut don’t want to be here . wish i could curl up in a ball and disappear . i feel all alone the only peson i have to talk is my friend / sister as my family dont care. thanksyou for reading

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Hi Lizzie,

Sorry to read that you are feeling vey low at the moment. I have read your other posts too,about how you feel guilty about not staying in touch with your friend Rebecca after college, and not attending her funeral. From the way you described her, she sounds like a lovely person and I am sure she would have understood your feelings abour the funeral.

You wite in your profile rhat you suffer from anxiety and depression, and are on the autism spectrum. That is a lot to cope with. Sometimes in life we lose touch with people, or they lose touch with us, simply because our circumstances change. I don’t think you should feel guilty about that and I don’t think Rebecca would want you to carry a burden of guilt. When we look back at our lives, we will have regrets but we can make them into something positive by doing things differently in the future.

I am glad that you have such a good friend in your sister. I have 3 sisters and know how special that relationship can be. Pets can be a great help too. Many people on this site have written about the way their dogs or cats help them in their grief.

Are you having any support for your mental health issues? It would be good if you could talk with someone. If you are on medication, maybe you could ask your GP for a review to see if they need to be adjusted.

It is good that you have come to this site. I hope that reading others people’s posts and repleis will help you and make you feel less alone.

xx Jo

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Hi lizzie, my wife past away nearly 3 weeks ago. I am absolutely heartbroken, devastated, lost, frightened etc infact there are not enough words to describe how I feel. Currently am off work due to severe grief. My wife was everything to me I adored her and always hoped that I’d go before her because I knew I would never be able to cope without her. I’ve been in some very dark places since losing her so immediately got in touch with some bereavement organisions to help me share my thoughts. Everyone says it will get better. At this moment in time I feel my whole world has been shattered

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So sorry for your loss,my husband passed away 20 weeks ago tomorrow,never knew grief could be so painful,like you my husband was everything to me,now I live on my for the first time in my life
the loss of our loved ones is crushing,heartbreaking,this is not the life I imagined,I miss him every minute of the day and night
It has helped a little being on this site you realise you are not alone in your grief we understand what you are going through

Take care

Christine x

I just feel that I can’t carry on without her. I look a photos I took of her on 16 th December we were out having afternoon tea for her birthday she was radiant. 4 weeks later she was gone. It was Dawn’s funeral yesterday, it absolutely broke me. I cannot see a life without her. Paul x

I’m so sorry for you, going through this grief is to hard for anyone to handle,I know you are feeling totally crushed I still feel like this
I wish I could say something to help you,none of us on here would have imagined this terrible loss would happen,take everything slowly, in your own time
I know the feeling of losing confidence,anxiety is a real painful part of the grieving
Talk on here when you need to

Look after yourself I know how difficult this is

Christine x

Thanks for your kind words Christine. Life can be so cruel and unpredictable. Unfortunately for Dawn she had a cancer diagnosis 8 years ago so her treatment completely wiped out her immune system. She used to say to me that if ever she got covid then that would be it for her. I suppose we were so lucky that she never got it sooner as I work outdoors and so there was always a high risk of me bringing it home. I just feel completely lost and scared as we were a team. She got me through losing both my parents. She really was my right hand. People say it will get easier in time, I truly hope so Christine because at this very moment in time I feel utterly helpless and deflated, broken, heartbroken the list is endless. I’m still off work as such is my grief. Paul x

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