Feeling of lost

My mum passed away 5yrs ago and my dad only last yr and I feel so angry,hurt ,sad,lost and alone

Hi Julie Louise

I am sorry your parents have both passed away. All that you are feeling is all part of grieving with the anger, hurt, sadness and that lost feeling. You are coming to the first anniversary of losing your dad and the firsts are so difficult. I am a year from losing my mum so have had to endure that first anniversary so wanted to reach out. Do you have anyone to support you? You will find lots of supportive people on here so keep posting x

Jaydee thank you for your reply, I don’t feel like I can talk to any of my family as they are going though the same and don’t like to put on friends and my partner all the time. I’m not seeing very well at the moment because it’s coming up to dad’s first annersivery ,feel like I should be able to cope as my mum passed away 5yrs at Christmas and been though it all wiv losing her and so I get angry with myself not being able to deal with my dad’s passing ,just feel so overwelled all the time xxx


How are you doing now that you have got through your dad’s anniversary? X

Hi thank you for thinking of me and asking how I am,past few days have been very hard ,lots of tears cried,got though it n out the other side still so raw n sad all the time at the moment xxx

Sorry forgot to ask how r u doing? X

HI Julie. I’m sorry to hear about your Mum and Dad. My dad died very suddenly in January so I am coming up to his anniversary. I find it difficult to talk to my family and my mum has changed a lot. I don’t even like to talk to my husband as he thinks that as its nearly a year ago I should be Ok now. How did you get through?

Nikki xx

I’m so sorry you are hurting ,I know actually where you are coming from when you say I don’t feel you can talk to anyone , especially family as they are going though their owe sadness and totally get wot you say bout your husband thinking your ok now cos it’s nearly a yr , it’s not ok, if your feeling anything like I am your sad ,upset,broken hearted even angry . So any emotions all at the same time ! And you feel like no quite understands ,I do it the worse feeling and though it’s been nearly 5 yrs my mum passed away and only just a yr for me dad I still find it hard and I don’t feel like I’m the second person as I was when they was here ,I think it’s true when people say you don’t get over it you learn to live wiv it because it makes you different . Sometime u can talk bout them wiv no tears other times you can cry forever ,talking bout them is good ,happy memories is good . Some one told me never to stop myself getting upset and stop myself from crying which we all do. It’s better to stop crying naturally than stop your self ,feels like it lets more emotions out n helps the next time you cry , hope this has helped n here if u ever need to talk to someone , keep your chin up n cry if u need to cry ,smile when u remember a happy memory it’s yours to keep Julie x

Thank you Julie. xx

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