Feeling overwhelmed, can't take anymore.

My dad’s drinking has been a problem on & off my whole life growing up, & things got very traumatic when mom was ill & passed. Last year there were some very bad arguments between me & dad, he tried to push me into selling the house we both part own, but during that time, he was living with his girlfriend, so at least when I’m at the house, I was usually alone, but would always be on edge. Dad has now broken up with his girlfriend, moved back into the house, & now I’m stuck putting up with his drinking again, though for now the arguments part has calmed down. I usually sleep over at my boyfriends for a few nights a week, it’s his parents house. This week they went on holiday, so said I could sleep over all week. The day I left, I emptied the dishwasher, had breakfast, put away the dishes, wiped over the kitchen worktops, in the bathroom cleaned the sink & mirror, I had hoovered, but today I got a message from my boyfriends mom, complaining we hadn’t cleaned properly, :face_with_raised_eyebrow::pensive::woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t understand, I’ll admit the shower needed cleaning, & I hadn’t changed the sheets, but other than that I left it spotless :rage:. The only thing I can think of is that my boyfriend has made a mess of the place after I left, & before his parents return.
I’m feeling very upset, I recognise my boyfriend has a mental health condition, but I feel I’m slowly being left to do all the housework at both houses, + trying to manage my pseudoseizures & chronic fatigue syndrome+ looking after my boyfriend with his mental health condition, I often go to appointments with him, & support him. I’m not coping, I have no support with managing everything, when I complain to my GP, & say I need support, they say they’ll refer me to different people, who then either fob me off, or say I don’t qualify for support. If mom were alive, she would of helped.
I’ve spent months trying to find a way to move out of this house, but I don’t qualify or can’t afford it, I’m trapped . I just can’t take any more!

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Hi @Bluebell1
Thank you for your kind words. Sorry to hear your feeling overwhelmed too. Sending hugs of support.

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I hear you too. I don’t think there’s anything that I can say to help , but please know I can listen

Big hugs


Hi @Liro
Thanks, it’s at least reassuring to know that I’m not alone.
Sending hugs to you to.

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You are definitely not alone. We are all here to help each other, and it’s good to know.
We can say what we feel, and get things off our chests, or just have a rant or a whinge. And nobody is going to judge.

Sending more hugs,( you can never have to many hugs)


Wow you are so strong. To think that you have done all of that and I understand the feeling of being unappreciated. I just wanted to say that I feel for you and I wish I had some of your dedication. At the moment I have been dealing with grief after losing my partner of 7 years and the father of my two young boys. I can’t motivate myself to do anything. I hope your story somehow motivates me to get my house clean and in order. Stay strong and take care of yourself. I hope things get better for you.


Hi @Singlemomma15
Thank you for your kind words. It’s ok to not feel ok sometimes, it’s all part of grieving, & you’re entitled to your feelings. I hope you’re boys help motivate you & keep you going. If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything, maybe it would help to break it down into manageable steps, & take it at your own pace, but prioritise anything that’s urgent. Motivation is good, but remember to take time for yourself, & your needs. Something that helps me, is to allow myself treats every now & again, even if it’s just a latte & cake, :cake::coffee: at Costa at the moment, they’re doing a raspberry bubbles frappe, it’s delicious. Sending hugs of support.

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