Feeling so Alone

As I posted in my first post yesterday I lost my husband 3 weeks ago. He had a 2 year battle with lung cancer and that was hard, but his death came quicker than expected.
Unless you have been in this situation it is hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced it.
The pain, sadness and loneliness are indescribable, my husband and I had been together 50 years and married for almost 47 years.
It would have been my husband’s birthday tomorrow so it will be tough.


Ah such a loss. That’s a lot of years together. It will be tough on his birthday but I’ve found it’s no tougher that any other day. The build up to it for me is harder as the expectation is it’ll be more painful on that given day but actually it’s just the same as all the others.

I can’t comprehend your loss after so many years, I didn’t get that far. I hope it goes ok tomorrow and is not too unbearable for you. 3 weeks in is such early painful days. X


After I month short of fifty years of marriage and 2 days before his birthday my husband died after a very short illness in June. It was hard but I got through by inviting my neighbours in for a drink that day to toast his life. Our anniversary a month later was equally hard as we were planning a party. I am still drinking the cider, Prosecco and beer he bought for it as I don’t drink much. You will survive and have good and bad days. Xx. Sandra