Feeling so lonely

I lost my soulmate 17th June this year was together 33yrs and my god never felt so low. He passed two days after my birthday :pleading_face:


I’m similar to you as I was with my partner for 33 years when he died suddenly in January.
Life is snatched away and all the future you planned is now gone. I can’t give you much hope I’m afraid. I have improved as I’m back at work and am getting through each day without breaking down constantly but, like you, I’m very lonely.
The house is where I feel safest but it’s also the quietest place where I feel the loss the most.
I hope you have good people around you as that does help. I make myself mix even if I don’t feel I want to. We can only try our best to keep moving forward but it’s very hard.


Hi my wife passed away 30 may this year. I have not cried so much in the last week but I have never felt so lonely. It is bad enough in the week day such as tonight but the weekend is even more so
My children have grown up and are working so I see them once a week. I have no reason to go out so Justin t sit in this chair. It is where I feel safe

I just feel so lonely now Frances is not here. Life has no meaning any more.


So sorry for your loss.

It’s going to be the most difficult time of your life ahead I won’t deny this , a road and a path non of us chose but here it is .

Rest assured the vast majority are in your shoes so draw wisdom from the posters on here and use any advice given if you can .

Take care , there’s no magic formula to make this better but please put down your feelings on here , it helps in a way .

Glenn xx

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Thanks u for your help

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I make myself busy I looked after him threw his illness . Some Days I do find it hard

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Just carnt to seem to carry on lost my brother them my only best mate died on my shoulder feel so empty and lonely just carnt get myself to do nothing I feel my life has gone now and nothing is left

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I can relate to all the above. I lost my beautiful wife of 42 years on 25th July just gone. I t hurts so much . I was her carer and those little time reminders hurt: lunchtime and her soup; 5 pm for her tablets and tea and all the other moments. I think grief and loneliness are two sides of the same coin.