Feeling so sad…..

My son died on the 4th December…so my love and thoughts are with you…stay strong,you sound such a lovely caring person.

Sorry to hear your news about your son.

I have a Facebook problem! I have not told people yet, but younger relatives have put it on .f.b so I am getting phone calls, which I am not ready for. Once the news is on there, too late! Seems that is the way to do things these days.

Marina, do you have family around to help you? I hope so.


Hi Marge
I am so sorry to hear that your son has died. It must be terrible for you. I’m thinking of you and also your daughter in law.

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Hi Yvonne,

You did so well to sort those things out, it must have taken a lot of courage.

The man drawers sound so familiar to me, mine is on a “grander” scale, a huge garden shed, full of very similar to what you describe. William saved everything and anything, but surprisingly a lot of it did prove useful at times.

Geoff sounds a wonderful man, and how fortunate we both are to have had someone who truly loved us for so many years, not everyone is that fortunate.

Thinking of you and sending you best wishes

Thank you Elaine,
Yes, I think it is hard to really understand without first hand experience of how it feels. I know I never really appreciated how hard it was for others until I found myself in this situation. I am so glad to have found this site where we can all support each other. I will be thinking of you when you return home tomorrow. Sending a hug and warm wishes, Julia

Thank you Julia for your thoughtfulness. I know exactly what you are saying. I’d sympathise with someone who had lost a loved one, and genuinely feel sad, but now, I think I would try to do a little bit more……. You take care too and thank you for the hug, Its much appreciated right now. Best wishes Elaine

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Everybody keeps saying it will get better well seem to be getting worse I lost the love of my life in October after 19years we’d we’d both been married before but the first time I met her it was love at first sight I can’t help feeling cheated out of our old age together and having not been together from a young age I feel so sad and bitter

In same position, so I know how you feel. Husband died in June, I’m only now starting to cry. I wholeheartedly agree with what you say. Haven’t got a family, so I’m battling it alone and it’s hard. I don’t like going out. Indoors most of time. We were happy just the two of us as well, soulmates, best friends…just like you. I know how you feel. Been married 53 years.

Hi John
I lost my husband in September.He was 61. He too was the love of my life and soul mate, my best friend. We met at 17 and felt like we had known each other forever.For a number of years we were inseparable. But for various reasons we took different paths. We met up again on my 50th birthday. We just picked up from where we left off and we were blissfully happy for ten years but in 2016 he developed liver cancer.
I know just what you mean about feeling cheated of a future together. Like you, I feel that it gets worse as time goes on as I miss him more and more.
It is still very early days for us and I hope that we and everyone else in our situation will find some way of making sense of it and finding some peace. For now, I think we have to get through one day at a time, or one hour at a time.
Sending you good wishes,

My husband also died in June. We had been married for 66 years, and I cannot come to terms with my loss… We were always together but, unlike you, we do have family. They have all gone back to their own lives and seem to think that I should be over it by now. I do go out a lot walking as I cannot bear to spend time in my sheltered flat, where I can’t even get a cat for company. I am thinking of moving in the spring to somewhere where I can have a pet. My GP has told me that six months is still early days to recover from losing a loved one. I am hoping that, come the spring with longer days and warmer weather, I will feel better. At the moment I just feel devastated and don’t know how to go on without my husband. Warm regards. Eileen

So sorry for your loss and to hear you feel you’re getting worse. That is so sad, I don’t think anyone can truly understand how difficult this all is until they experience it first-hand, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Sending you a big hug and warm wishes that things will get better for you……

Hi Yvonne and Elaine
I was laughing about the kitchen drawers with your Geoff stuff in it and as you say man drawers George was the same after he passed my son went through them with me god I dint know how he got so much stuff in the drawers .
Please don’t apologies about going on a rant and talking about your Geoff it is so nice to go along with you on your beautiful memories I do the same about George.Memories and the support of family friends and everyone on this forum will get us through bug hugs to you all .

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Hi Elaine
I just want to say I will be thinking of you tomorrow when you are back in your own home I hope you find peace and comfort with your husbands beautiful memories all around you .
I’m going home on Wednesday take care be kind to your self big hugs .

Hi Marge
I am truly sorry for the loss of your beloved son I which I could say something to ease your pain .
All my kind thoughts to you and your daughter in law and family .

Hi John
I am truly sorry for you loss of your beautiful wife I wish I could say something positive to ease your pain .
I don’t think it matters how long we had our loved ones in our life it was not long enough.
I think we are all on this journey that none of us want to be on and I promise you I fell cheated every day with not having the love of my life with me .
My husband took a massive heart attack on the 11of October and fought to stay with me and our kids till the 26th of November 2017 and my heart is broken just like yours we will all go through this journey in different ways but we are all here to support each other .
Take care and I hope you find some peace of heart.

Dear Lily, I am sad for you and your children. Margexx

Thank you Lily, I appreciate it. Good luck to you tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you too. Take care of yourself and big hugs to you too. Elaine x

I’m not so great with words and especially having lost my mum only yesterday. It’s hard to process at the moment. But I think reaching out to others going through the same heartbreaking sadness and loss, helps a great deal.
Just shows that even a stranger can reach out and comfort someone who is suffering. I send you a big hug and hope positive rays shine down on you to help with your suffering. I wish you recovery day by day, even if a little ,it all counts.
Yoga, meditation, hypnosis, helped soothe my pain and I shall be using it more now to help my recovery from grieving my dear beloved mum, and share it with my brothers too. Please take good care of yourself, best wishes to you.

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I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. Thank you for your comforting message.
I agree this site is such a help because we can reach out and support one another and we all understand how each other feels as we are going through the sorrow and anguish ourselves.
I wish you and everyone here some comfort in the time ahead. I have been meditating too to try and help with my grief and pain since my husband died in September.
Sending a hug and kind thoughts your way. Julia


Hi I am so so sorry at the passing of your mum I wish I could say something to ease your pain .
It is such a horrendous journey and you are not alone we are going through the same nightmare and are all at different stages .
I lost the love of my life on November the 26th and I have found the people on the site amazing because we are all together to listen and because we all have this overwhelming pain we can all understand please take care of your self sending a big hug .

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