Feeling stuck

My mum died in April this year and I have cried every single day since! She was 74 and died after being in hospital for 6 weeks.
I just feel stuck…I literally go over in my head every conversation with the doctors, wishing I’d done and said more, wishing I’d made her go to hospital sooner, so many things that surround those last 6 weeks.

I can’t think about good times we had. I feel like I’ve forgotten my good memories and im just stuck with the bad ones!

I don’t know how to move forward. I wonder if counselling would help but then I question why would it…grief is normal so how could they help me out of it.

I don’t really know what my point is, but needed to get something out there.

Thanks in advance for reading xx

Hey I lost my Mum in March, so I’m not far behind you. My mum was 50 and passed suddenly and it wasn’t expected at all. I am constantly sad and feel lost.

I had counselling 8 weeks afters she passed but it didn’t really do much for me but prehaps I went too soon?

I say you’ve nothing to lose giving it a try though.

I read books about the afterlife and write to my Mum in a journal, whilst it doesn’t take any pain away it does provide me with a little bit of comfort x

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@Missingyoumum I can totally relate to your post. My Dad died in March after spending almost 6 weeks in hospital. My issues lie with trying to get him discharged & his subsequent treatment. Like you, I replay endless dialogue, frantically searching for anything I might’ve missed. My memories of him are tainted by those last weeks. Not sure what advice I can offer but I think we just have to take small steps fwd everyday with the occasional day where we don’t move at all or take a couple of steps back. Counselling might help you consolidate your thoughts tho to help process your grief, so is an option. Or as @Jess1 suggested, writing a journal might help. X

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