Feeling worse every day

It’s been 3 days. I guess it wasn’t a mistake. He didn’t find his way back to me. I didn’t hear him snoring last night or the night before. The room beside mine is empty. I haven’t been able to see him yet so I still don’t know it’s true.

He’s mine. He belongs to me. I don’t want to share. I want him all to myself. I want him back. Please please come back my beautiful son I love you so much. I need you baby boy…i miss your big hugs and your beautiful smile. I adore you…I’m broken

My son just turned 26
Everyone who met him said how lovely he was. The best son in the whole universe

I don’t know what to say to you, other than that I am so, so sorry. I just wanted you to know that someone’s here. wishing you love and strength xx

Thank you xxx

I cried when I read your post for I know the pain and torment you are going through having lost my son just a few months ago…Nothing I say can ease your pain but somehow you will find the strength and courage to get through…I am sorry these words sound so feeble and wish I could say more to help you through the agony you feel.
Thinking of you…With love Marina…xx

Thank you xxx

It’s so hard as I’m trying to console 5 siblings who worshipped him. 3 teens and 2 over 20’s They don’t want to upset me and visa versa

I’m so sorry … I too lost my beautiful daughter 10 weeks ago and am struggling, crying every day. She is 42 and has 2 boys.
I don’t know we get through these dark days but somehow we will. One thing I have found helpful is to sit quietly on my own and talk to Gemma and this does seem to calm me.
Wish I could give you a big hug but sending lots of love to you. xx

Thank you xxx

Hi. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and so sorry for the terrible pain you are going through. I hope you find it a little helpful posting on this site and reading the replies.
I know it isn’t much but one small thing we can do for each other as we continue our lives without our beautiful children xx

Thank you. It’s been 4 weeks now. The funeral was last week. It went well I think. The worst thing is waking every morning and you suddenly realise that he’s not coming back xxx

Hi Mother, I feel for you so much. As somebody else has said, we who have lost our precious children have become members of a club we never wanted to be in.
It is 3 months since I lost my daughter and life has changed forever.
Tell me a little about your son. What did he like doing and what was he like?
Take care, much love xxxx

Sorry for the late reply…He was beautiful, bright and caring. He didn’t have a bad bone in his body. He never did anyone wrong.

He loved his family. He was like a second father to my teens. He would watch movies with them and play games online. He would drag them down the park and knock a ball about with them or go for a run.

His siblings all adored him. He was the glue in our family since myself and his dad divorced.

He was an amazing role model for his younger siblings and a best friend to all of them. We are all so sad to have lost him.

He committed suicide. I didn’t see how bad he was. I tried to give him space and not interfere. But I wish I had talked to him and done more. He asked for help last year when he was quite bad with his depression. I was so happy he’d asked for help…I assumed he’d ask for help again but he didn’t

He was a beautiful soul. I adored him. I miss him so much and am so sad that he’s gone. My beautiful baby boy…

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