Feeling worse

I have a really bad day think the worse day so far
Just can’t believe I will ever feel any better

As I said got rid of husband van, which upset me seeing it parked in drive
Now heartbroken because there is an empty space in the drive.
Went to a family bar b que yesterday on husbands side with son and grandchildren
As husbands nieces and nephews over from America and so hoping to see them.I felt totally drained when I got home,
And today just keep dissolving into tears
Everyone says it gets better I just can’t visualise ever enjoying life again.
Hugs to everyone

Hello June,
I’m sorry you’re having such a bad day.
Like you I keep dissolving into tears and can’t see it ever getting better.I miss my partner so much and all the things we did together. I’ve had company all day Sat, Sun and today and I’ve never felt more alone in my life.
I would give everything to have him back again and I’m sure you would.
Big hugs to you as well. J x

my husband was suffering for years with illness he is now at peace but we are the ones suffering now. I had to disconnect his phone but struggled so bad with the tears that i said to the operator please leave it for a week cant do this now. 34 years together and now his ashes are here at home. I must grieve for him and go with the waves but also let him go. For one thing I have learnt in life from losing my parents at 19 and 23 (I’m 51 now) is that life can end at anytime and yes we must cry and yes we must scream out loud but then we must take deep breaths and soldier on. Day by day is best way and nothing wrong with tears but also make way for a smile cause thats what they would want xx