Feelings of guilt

My nan died on a Friday. Exactly a week later my dad died.

The run up to my nans death my dad wasn’t well. I kept saying i was gunna ring the doctors for him. I said id ring them Friday (the day my nan died). But saw him the day before and he seemed to have perked up. And obviously because of my nan i never rang the doctors Friday.

I cant shake the feeling, if id have just rang them, maybe hed still be here.

Looked online for help but it just talks about general guilt. I could maybe have prevented his death. Obviously ill never know. But i can’t help think that.

Anyone got any advise? Because i know my dad knew i looked after him/looked out for him. But i feel like i let him down at the end x

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Hello beckiejo, guilt is one of many emotions that will visit you. Many others regret taking their parents into the hospital where incompetent staff make or hasten the death of our loved ones. Take care