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I don’t really know what stage Of grieving I’m at. I feel just so alone ,Iv never been alone before the loss of my Rob. Once a year my daughter and myself would take my mum on holiday leaving Rob home alone , which he didn’t mind as he lived on his own when he first left home. I left home to get a house with Rob in 1987. Now I’m alone most days of the week and I come off shift at 10pm to an empty house, I go shopping and come home to an empty house . My house is so quiet Rob was NEVER quiet he would have the tv on ,music playing or he would be playing his ukulele . I have many feelings and emotions going round in my head along with constantly having Rob on my mind 24/7 and I had all our 33 years of married life he really was my world .


I truly understand, I really do, along with so so many others on here xxx Today is my sons birthday , Dave would be up by now in chef mode preparing a massive cooked breakfast , giving our son grief about being 30 :relieved: . He too was the life and soul of this house which is far far to quiet and empty now . Me and my eldest sat here last night and both cried , life is just so bloody unfair!
I sit here for a while in the silence with my thoughts and tears then I put on the radio / telly and try to get on with the mundane tasks of living but there is always that emptiness.
Take Care sending you much love xx

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MrsT1 you are so right life is so bloody unfair and in our situation so bloody hard . There are days when I feel I’m getting on with things and then other days when I just cry and cry and today is one of the crying days . I just feel so lost, alone and empty without him. It has been 10 weeks of hell and probably the next 10 will be the same and the 10 after that and so on. Thank you so much for your reply it just brings it home your not on your own going through this hell of loneliness. Take care stay safe :heart:

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Kazzer, you cry as many have said to me ‘ we cry because we loved and cared for our loved ones’ xxx Believe me I know only too well how you feel as do many others. At some point today probably when I’m on my own that emptiness will set in and the tears will flow x
You take care too


@Kazzer It’s totally shit and does knowing others feel exactly the same help? I hope it does because if we were all in room together we could cry together. As it is we have to talk in this virtual world which can be very cruel at times. I don’t like it I just want him back. End of :butterfly::broken_heart:

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Johnswife , believe me if I could turn back the clock I would 100% but unfortunately I can’t no matter how much I want too :disappointed: however this virtual world is at this moment in time is keeping me somewhat sane , take care of yourself, much love x

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