My wife passed away september 24th 9 days after our wedding anaversy. Ive not stayed in our home since then. I went back to work 3 and a half weeks after her passing just to try and destract my self. It works for so long. Now i thinking of moving back into our home but our daughter wont come with me. Ive not changed a thing in there even the last clothes my with wore are still were she left them. Im i doing the right thing going back to our home or do i let it go and go somewere new but doing that would change how she left it and what she did. There more things driving me mad but there too much to say she was o ly 28 my wife im only 40 out child is 18 so realy much of a child now. Please someone give me some advice


I am very Sorry for your loss, and 28 is no age to go, life is cruel… You should go back to your family home, it might give you a bit of comfort, in the mean time take it slowly and be kind to yourself,
Sending you lots of love and heeling

Hi @Jameyc1982
I’m so sorry you lost your young wife. It is such a painful loss which is difficult to come to terms with. It’s still quite recent and, although we have all lost the love of our lives in this section of the forum, we all grieve slightly differently.
We understand the enormity of each other’s loss, which many don’t, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you which action will be right for you. You can only do what you feel is best and give any big decisions time.
You could try being back in your family home and see how you fare.
I know I don’t want to leave mine but others prefer not to be where the memories are. I prefer the memories so it can be different for each of us.

My best advice would be to not rush any major decisions. Are you near enough to go during the day when you are not at work? Maybe several visits could be a start.
I think my acceptance of the truth that my darling husband was gone was quicker than for my daughter who doesn’t live at home. I was living with it every day so the disbelief phase was less long lasting.

Sending hugs to you and your daughter. xxx

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