Final days end of life care

My dad was put on end of life care, my brother and i had already lost my mum 6 months earlier. The team said no more food and water and walked away only visiting if there were any changes 16 days before my dad had an undignified ending. He at times begging for pain relief and nirsing staff refusing on the grounds he couldnt indicate clearly enough he was in pain. Begging for water and only giving him a few sips . This is no way to end a life my dad was a strong man, humble and quietly spoken he gave blood for over half his life and cared for many people in his work. To watch my dad in his final days in tears and a shell my heart breaks every day as i still see his face the last time i saw him. He died alone as i was travelling to be with him and missed his passing by five minutes. The same happened to my mum i couldnt park at the hospital and also missed her passing I feel lost and wish i could of helped do things differently.


Hello @19687, I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad and mum. It sounds like the end of your dad’s life was heartbreaking for you. I want you to be able to get the support you need, so I’m just giving your thread a gentle, “bump”. You are not alone :blue_heart:

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Hello, that sounds absolutely awful, I’ve seen end of life care 3 times now but I’ve never encountered this before, I did have some questions after my husband’s death about his care, I raised it with the hospital asking for a meeting which i got, they were able to answer my questions as to why certain things were done they were & it did put my mind at rest, maybe think about looking into what happened with the hospital?

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Hi have only just seen your message thank you for your kind words x