Finally at home xx

Brought Brian’s ashes home from the undertakers today, made a little shrine to him and made him a brew. Been a long few months since he went missing, but feel he is back where he belongs xx still does not feel real, next step is arranging a celebration of life event for family and friends to remember him, as we opted for a direct cremation with no attendees xx


Thank you for sharing this with us, @2littleboys. I’m glad you have been able to bring Brian home :blue_heart:

I still have a space in the lounge where Richard sat which has his phone, a photo and a wonderful card we had found for his birthday plus I took someone’s idea from here and bought a tree to make a memory tree in my bedroom which I am still working on.

I think it helps us to have a spot which is an expression on our love for them and I’m sure you’ll put together a celebration of his life which feels right to you,
Karen xxx

Hi i have my husbands ashes and made a little shrine for him i have put a photo of him with his son and grandaughter next to him

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The ashes I kept after scattering most of them are in the little plastic tub Richard kept sugar in for our picnics. The tub is in a little bag in my backpack along with the spoon we used. So he comes with me on my new walks. When I go somewhere special to him I will scatter a few there.



That’s a lovely idea @Salsnips