Finding it hard to cope

My dad died in Sunday and finding it hard to cope I feel weird all the time sort of like I’m going about my life but I’m in a dream if tht makes sense . Then one min I’m ok and next I’m crying. . Im laughing at silly things but thn laughter can turn to tears is this all normal thanks Helen

Hi Helen I lost my dad 10 weeks ago this week, I am a little better than I was I thought I was going mad! It’s very early days if I have any advice it’s don’t judge yourself on how your feeling/not feeling just let it come and then let it pass until the next emotion comes its a bizarre feeling and a range of emotions take care take one day at a time and until then one minute

Thank u Hun that’s exactly it I feel like I’m losing it but I feel
Better tht you felt like this to so thank you for the reply I’m really off balance to but I think that’s stress . We couldn’t get the funeral u til 12 th July so that’s ages away I’m. It sure if that’s a good or bad thing x

Honestly I thought I was going to be taken away! Still do somedays but not as bad as those early early days it’s really changed me they say it does hopefully in more time I’ll be stronger , I’m sure it’s all normal the worse thing I did and do is beat myself up why am I feeling like this etc I had bad panic attacks to which have lessoned, hard to no whether that’s a good or bad thing my dad’s was about 3 weeks after here if you want/need to chat just do little things to take care of yourself xx

I’m the same feeling anxious and panicky it’s horrible and so up and down so many what ifs and did he know what was going on when he was dying was he scared etc got myself in such s state last night. X

I did the same went through what I could have should have done that’s stopped to a degree now , still get anxious a lot get scared of loosing other people bad things happening etc my death the lot, it does lessen a little but it’s hard work you have to tell build a new version of you which you will do in time and you will get stronger again just set small goals that you can achieve night times are hard for me x

Yea Hun night times have been my worse time to it just all seems unreal at mo and I’m the same it makes you worry about others and your self to scary isn’t it x

Really is Hun xx

Hi helly I can relate to how you are feeling. I lost my dad the end of march. Really struggling coping to. I had to wait a long time to for his funeral. Just try to take one day at a time. Your emotions will be all over the place. Do you have plenty of support around you. Look after yourself. Take care xx

Sorry for your loss joey x

Thank wease. It’s so hard just getting through each day. I still haven’t got back to work. Can’t face people at the moment. I just hide away. Been suffering from really bad panic attacks aswell. I’m sorry for your loss to. How are you feeling xx

Sorry you feel like that to, I was doing better in the restoration phase allegedly of grief according to the councellor however my mother In law has now died and it’s brought back those raw feelings from the early days, I joined an exercise class three times per week pushed myself to go it’s helped my anxiety and something for me to focus on for that 45 mins I can focus on that rather than everything, im not back at work my boss is going to want to no when that is I’m finally able to see friends and do some normal stuff but that’s taken probably 8 - 10 weeks and there’s only some stuff I can face, don’t no how I would go back to work yet to be honest I’m
Going to push for one more month off, you have to do things for you little goals, I had a bad week last week was hysterical most of it a little calmer this week, my mother in laws funeral next week same place as my dad’s utterly dreading it , panic is still pretty much the same always thinking the worse in survival mode! Not a nice way to live - sorry for the essay! Hope you manage to do small things for you that you can cope with little goals , I’ve got into reading again I couldn’t read straight away head was to busy but now it gives me a focus have to find little interests you can face that keep your mind busy and provide you with a break from it self care is so important x

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