Fingers crossed

Well these last 19 months have been a right roller coaster ride . I go on social media and I see people going here and there and if I’m not at work I’m sat at home . Anyway last night I looked for a friendship group ( don’t that sound sad) and Iv joined a local one and got my first meet up tomorrow in a tea rooms cafe . It’s not really my cup of tea ( pardon the pun) but it’s a start to getting out and you don’t know what other doors it might open .
Take care all xxx Karen


Good for you, hope you meet some good friends.
Debbie X

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Hi Kazzer

How well you’re doing . It’s real progress to decide to join a friendship group, and no it doesn’t sound sad at all, but hopeful. What is sad is that you are suffering the loss of someone you loved dearly.

Sometimes, seeing other people doing things together and making plans can hit one hard, but you with a group even if you only meet one person you truly gel with, that can lead to so much.

all the best and let us know how you get on, please.

Hi Kazzer,
I was asked to join a coffee afternoon held every other week by a neighbour who is also a widow, at our local community centre. This was not long after my husband died.
Also started going to Methodist Church even though I’m CofE.
Both have led me to making some good friends with people in like wise positions, and encouraged me to go to different events they hold and to also volunteer helping.
I hope it goes well for you.
Debbie X


Miche24 I went on this social ladies meeting ,although only four of us turned up. It was lovely and all four of us got on really well we were able to open up about things ,I was the only widow but the others were divorced or come from volatile relationships .
We were able to talk about our interests and just women chat really.
There will be other gathering as well as they do all kinds of thing ie open air cinema, spa days , meals out . So I’m looking forward to making new friends .

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Hi Kazzer, I’m so pleased for you.
Debbie X

Debbie57 thank you my cousin is quite protective and when I told her she said be careful which spooked me out really but in another way it’s nice to know she cares but I’m glad I went through with it . All four of us are in care work but in different ways .

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Dear Kazzer

Thank you for telling us about your meet up with four other ladies who have much in common with you. You showed such courage so I’m glad it was a positive outcome with more good things to come.

Take care, and know you have friends here too.

Miche24 x

Miche24 I will never forget this site as it was such a huge comfort to me when I was going through such a bad time and had some very dark days . Thank you

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