First bereavement

Hi everyone,
This is my first time reaching out for help because this is the first time I can attempt to face what’s actually happened.

My mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease aged 60 and entered a rapid decline of memory loss, eventually losing all mobility and speech. She passed away 6 months ago, just after my wedding, and I was right by her side as she passed. I knew her death was inevitable but for some reason it’s still a shock to me and I cannot come to terms with the fact that she’s actually gone- I know that sounds ridiculous.

I miss her beautiful smile, she was one of life’s good people, and really the most wonderful mother. I look at pictures of her every day, yet rather than be grateful of the memories we have shared, I’m resentful that they’re all I have left. I know the passing of a parent is an inevitable fact of life but I miss her so much that I don’t know how I will ever carry the burden of the grief.

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Hello Miriam21. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mum. It is very early days yet and you will feel all sorts of very mixed emotions. When we lose someone precious it all seems so unfair and we are in shock, not quite believing it has really happened.
Dementia is a cruel thing so your Mum will not be suffering any more. The good memories will hopefully return, but you need to grieve and shed bucketloads of tears yet - just as all of us on this site do. love and light. x