First birthday without husband

I’ve just had my first birthday since my husband died. I was 70 and although everyone, especially my daughter and family pulled all the stops out to encourage me to celebrate I felt bereft and it didn’t feel right. I missed my husband more than ever and now feel even more alone. I miss him SO much especially at this moment in my life. It’s been 8 months since I lost him.


Hi, so sorry for your loss, it’s been 10 months since I lost my husband. I also reached 70 this year. We had been married 52 years. It was also hard for me no matter how well meaning people are. I also had his birthday and our wedding anniversary. Christmas will be another milestone. Last year Christmas was such a daze as couldn’t believe it had happened, so didn’t really take it all in. This Christmas is going to be so hard. It’s nice to have family around but when they go home and your alone you feel it all the more
Take care thinking of you at this time


Hello @cabin
My perfect man left us on 18th May, it would have been his birthday less than four weeks later, but we hadn’t even got the body here as he died whilst we were elsewhere in the country. Then our son had his birthday in October… I wrote him a card from his dad, one from both of us and one from me. We had booked a family holiday, so we went just as the two of us, and I took photos that I can put next to the ones I took of his dad in the same place 7 years ago for his memory box. It was my birthday this month, and I told him thank you for rescuing me (because he did, in so many ways). I miss him every second, but know the son he left with me has his dad in him, and that he needs me…and so (for now) I go on

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