First Birthday

It’s only 2 months since my Harry left me and today would have been his 50th Birthday. I feel like I’ve had to hold myself together all day whilst with family but now can’t contain the tears. I miss my mate so much and can’t get my head around having a life or future without him. Today feels like it’s been as bad as the day he slipped away.


Yes Alice I can relate. It was Brian’s birthday in May and although I had promised myself I would cope, I think I started ‘losing it’ a couple of days before his actual birthday. The day before I had a terrible day. On his birthday I met up with a friend at a local riverside pub and we had a meal. I put a framed photo of Brian on the table. I was wearing a locket with some of his ashes and a photo. I felt his presence. I know what you mean about the days just not getting any better. We just have to grab the reasonable days and hope they come more often. Good luck

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