First Christmas without you

To anyone who has lost someone.I feel your pain I lost my mum this year then my grandfather.

These two years have been the hardest years of my life but today I will not celebrate Christmas but I will celebrate who my mother and my grandfather were.

If anyone needs to chat please send me a private message. Dont suffer alone.We are all in the same boat.Just make this day for you and don’t put pressure on making the day perfect.

The real meaning of Christmas seems to have been forgotten it’s about giving thanks and starting a fresh.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year xxx


Thank you. Today will be the longest 24 ever. First christmas day without my mum and the house is so quiet.
We just all have to get through today with our memories. Take care everyone xx

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Dear Starheart,

Thank you for your post and your kind offer to people who want to chat. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, one of the guidelines on this site is that we ask people not to publish their private details, so the monitors will probably remove your e-mail address. I would suggest that you invite people to send you a private message instead. This can be done by clicking on your profile.

Like so many my first without my mum and everything just seems so surreal and heartbreaking x

I woke up happy thinking we could open our stockings together and then reality hit…yet again that she’s no longer here.

Do what you want today as all the rules don’t apply anymore.

Take care x

Yeah I know I have borderline personality disorder so it makes me impulsive.Thank you.


I lost my mother in law to covid this year and this Xmas was my first iris’s her terribly