First Father's Day without Dad

I was in the supermarket last week and there they were fathers’ day cards. I knew it was coming but it still affects you when you see them. My Dad passed away last December so this is going to be the first fathers day since he passed away the pain is never-ending my dad is everywhere . I saw someone doing woodwork yesterday He was always buying wood to make things and seeing that really upset me. Every day is a struggle without my mum and dad mum passed in January this year I miss them so much.

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Hi, it’s sad that you have lost both in such a short time. I know exactly how you feel when you see things that was just what your loved one would do. Sometimes you just have to give in and let the feeling wash over you. Any anniversaries or dates bring the emotions to a head and no matter how we try it hurts. Remember the good times, those beautiful memories and keep them them alive.
We can’t hide away from all these horrible dates. S xxx