First few days

Yesterday I lost the only adult human I ever needed. Made so much worse that he was taken ill in South America whilst visiting his child and died yesterday. We agreed on cremation, but it’s today. Not being near him and everything happening out of my control, I’m lost…just totally empty.
Everyone here is so sad, it’s all just so awful.

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Hi Joker, I am so sorry about what has happened and you will feel that you have no control. Tillwemeetagain has said it all, take baby steps and don’t rush. In time you will feel that life can be ok, don’t expect it to be the same. Take extra care of yourself because at present you are very vulnerable. S xxx

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Thank you so much for your lovely words. I had a lovely fire in the garden for him and sat in his hammock. I tried to think about happy times but feeling so desolate overwhelmed me. It’s minute by minute right now.