First Mother's Day

Lost mum before a couple of weeks Christmas. Had a few firsts. Christmas, mum’s birthday, mum and dad’s wedding anniversary and my own birthday. Now it’s almost mother’s day and it hurts almost more. A s it’s hard to avoid when you’re out and about shopping. Anyone else feeling this?


I totally get it x I lost my wonderful mum 3 years ago and find it the hardest time even though I have 3 teenage kids myself the pain of not having my mum around is super hard xx keep strong


I lost my mum in July, like you I’ve had her first birthday, Christmas then my birthday. I had been tolerating the Mother’s Day marketing everywhere quite well up until yesterday but now the day is almost here I’m finding it much harder. All of the “treat mum” and “mum goes free” deals advertised are now getting too much for me, it feels like there is no escaping from it. I think I might be overthinking and worrying about how I will feel on the day and so making it more of an issue than it needs to be but for the first time ever I can’t wait until Monday! I’m sure there are lots of people here feeling the same, it’s hard to talk to “normal” friends sometimes, as much as they want to be there and help but unless they’ve been in this position it’s not the same. Take care of yourself and do whatever you feel you need to do on the day to get through x


Hello all,
I feel the same as you do re Mother’s Day. My lovely Mum passed suddenly on the 27th December following hospital admission Christmas Day. Mum was 80 and had Alzheimer’s so was already in some way leaving us - but when she drifted in to sleep and didn’t wake up we were, and are still heartbroken. My birthday is on Friday and I want to shut myself away. I’ve suspended my FB account as I can’t bear to see all the MD messages. Hubby and friends think I’m off for not wanting to go out on Friday night and pop a cork - I just want to stay home, put my pjs on and watch a movie. I miss my Mum so so much and wish she was still here - it’s incomprehensible to me she isn’t. - a feeling you all will identify with. We are not alone and it is comforting to talk to people on here who have gone through and are going through the same feelings … x


27th of December? That was my mum’s birthday. She would have been 76. When she passed she’d been in hospital since the start of October for what we thought was something simple. And so sorry for your loss. Losing a mum is so hard x


As for family thinking you should celebrate your birthday etc. You do what feels right for you. I’m one of 4 siblings and we’re all taking things at our own pace. Which is how you should.

I’ll share this perfect bit of text with you. And is one we’ve stuck by x


Thank you for your kind words. I have felt awful all weekend and feel the worst I gave felt since December when we lost Mum. Has been a weekend for it though. I like the manifesto for grief . Absolutely agree that we have to do what is right for us - and that doesn’t always align with other peoples expectations. I’m sorry for your loss also x

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Sending love to everyone. I lost my mum on Tuesday, I had picked her card up the day before. She lived with me, cared for me through cancer & then overcame her own last year. I tried to save her but I couldn’t, it was unexpected & cruelly sudden.
Today she would have been moaning about the commercialism whilst still loving her cards and flowers! There have been 4 sheds erected recently in various gardens, another today but have led to a window running commentary.

I remain broken, the house is an empty, lonely place.


Hey everyone i wrote this poem to bring people comfort i hope this works for you.

Here it is mothers day 2023, I know there are alot of people who feel like me.

Whether your mum is close or far away this is the perfect day to say,

I love you mum, your the best
I love you until my heart stops beating in my chest.
I love you mum until the end
I love you mum, My best friend