First one without him

It’s our wedding anniversary a week Monday. The first one, it will be just over 15 weeks without him then. I’m starting to over think it then the dread kicks in and that downward spiral happens.
Anyone got any tips or suggestions that have helped them through these occasions/dates

@Sah28 I don’t have any tips. But I can say shortly after my husband passed I had his birthday, my birthday, my grandson’s birthday and father’s day in quick succession. I thought I would never get through that. But actually the anticipation was much worse than the actual days. I spent all these days with my daughter and that helped. Hope you get through it and it’s not as bad as you think it will be.

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Our wedding anniversary is on the 30th and I’m dreading it. When it was our anniversary last year we were on the Isle of Lewis, hard to imagine now. So much has changed and I really don’t know how I’m going to react. I’m sure we’ll both survive, somehow. xx


I agree, the anticipation is worse than the event. You spend time thinking about how you think you’re going to feel but then on the day it’s not like that. Yes, you’re sad and it sucks but it’s the anticipation is worse.


I had my birthday and Father’s Day before his funeral (day after each other) but think I was still numb then


We have too