First Post

Hi. My bereavement is not recent. I lost my husband almost 10 years ago. I just seam to be at the same stage of grief as I was back then. I don’t have any children, and only 2 brothers that live in USA and the other miles away. I don’t ever feel like going anywhere and prefer to stay at home.
I have had a lot of health issues, but feel that I need to learn to live with my grief.
Thank you for listening!

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Moggy, yes it’s difficult to think about having a life after you lose your soulmate. I am on year 7 but honestly some days it seems that I have not moved forward. Why should we and what do we expect, I don’t know any answers. I have done things and get out but I also feel happier in the garden or house by myself.
It’s difficult to know what is best because I change from day to day and with the restrictions on our life over the past year I feel I have done nothing but hope things will change and with it my life. They say take baby steps and over the coming months it’s what I shall be thinking and hopefully life will have more meaning. Keep smiling and keep posting I would love to hear how you get on. S xxx

Suspect, thank you. I was feeling I was being stupid after such a time! I am thankful for my dogs who are my world. I will try harder when we are more free, but know I will find excuses not to do something. I do feel this community will help.
Thank you.