First the visits stopped...

Recent widow.May this year.I don’t know where to turn.Everyone offered support and help when they knew my husband was terminally ill.In the days following his death ,I had so much support.Now it is only our grown up children and grandchildren that bother.First the visits stopped,then the messages.Now the phone calls have stopped.I want a big,big megaphone,stand on top of a hill and scream "Hello,yes still here,still trying to make sense of everything,still worried sick financially.Still me"What would go through their minds when they decide not to answer my messages/e mails ? I have had friends say they will call round but they don’t.I won’t be leaving any more messages or sending any more emails.I am lonely beyond belief.I just want to cuddle my husband.plant a kiss on his cheek.Tell him I love him.I don’t drive,not near a bus stop.I need a new knee ,but before I can even be referred I have to lose 4 stone.My anxiety is through the roof.I am afraid that my new normal is going to be loneliness,scrimping and saving and not having any joy.I don’t know what to do.


@Abrokenlass67 . lm 6 months in, disabled and housebound. Except for my sister who visits when she can ,l have abso-bloody-lutely no-one.
it took 5 months and a begging email, for my gp to remember me. she admitted to forgetting about me.
even my immediate neighbours who know hubby is dead must have heard me sobbing & wailing never even knock.
When you get that megaphone let me know and l will join you.
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Sorry to read you are having a difficult time, these first few weeks are truly awful. All you can do is hang in there, but be proactive whenever you have the strength.

Maybe have a chat with

See what befriending services that they can offer.

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I am sorry that you too are now finding you are invisible to your neighbours.One of my neighbours lost her husband 3 years ago and we both helped sort everything out for her and ferried her around.We even helped organise his funeral.She actually shouted over the fence she was sorry to learn of John "passing on ".No communication since.
How on earth are we going to get through this living hell ?
I hope you are ok.I really do xx


Dr Phil often says, some people dont have empathy, so cant give you what they dont have.


Oh how blooming charming ! Horrible woman she is ! I wouldve said so nice of you to bother dear !! ( sarcastically ) my husband wouldve done anything for anybody - he was do kind ! And yet all these plonkers cant be bothered to be here for me ! Well just remember we dont have to be there for them next time they need us either !! Xxx

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Who is dr phil ??? Xxx