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I lost my wife in early 2017, and life without her has had it’s challenges. The Covid pandemic has made it so much harder to meet other people and to have company. Every day you just carry on the best you can. I think about how lucky I am, concentrate on the positive and keep on taking small steps forward.



Sorry for your loss. It is such a devastating thing to have to deal with and some days I’m not sure how I cope. My husband was so anxious about covid and we did everything needed to stay safe. Unfortunately this only adds to my anger as although staying covid safe I lost him anyway to a heart attack.
I am constantly battling with my thoughts and always looking for some positives. Martin was very excited and relieved that restrictions weren’t starting to drop and he was busy suggesting what our future plans were going to be. On the other hand I think, due to covid we spent the last 12 months spending all out time together making the most of all the little things in life. Christmas was just the 2 of us, fine wine and food and cosy snuggles in front of the tv…… never knowing it was going to be our last together.

Like you I am taking small steps but everything is without purpose and with a very heavy and sad, empty heart.

Does it get an easier???

Dee x

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Hello Dee,

Thank you for your kind words. Sorry for your loss, you express it very well when you say making the best of the little things in life. I always used to say ‘You cannot buy these in a shop’, about a cuddle,

Best wishes,